Evan Rummel | New York Photographer



As my first studio project, this collection of images served as the foundation to which much of my work jump started from. It has served as a baseline for how I draw out emotion and beauty from my imagery and still remains one of my favorites projects to date. Click here to see more about this project.

A personal project that began as a combination of both my photography career and prior military service. As a veteran, I wanted to give back to those who gave so much and developed a project entitled, "Heroes" to highlight the veterans who live among us. The project continues to evolve and will soon encompass firefighters, police officers, and members of the medical community. Click here to see more about this project.


Evan Rummel is a portrait + still life photographer based in New York. Evan finds inspiration from artists like Peter Lindbergh and Joey L. and works to create photographic work that brings a sense of pause to his viewers. He picked up his first camera in 2009 while traveling through Uganda and has since worked with numerous companies both internationally and locally. Evan’s eye for beauty in it’s most natural form is seen throughout his work, as his aim is to evoke deep, soulful responses from both his subjects and viewers.

Evan has had the honor of partnering with clients like The Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute, Adidas, Hopeland, Deborah and Hugh Jackman, charity: water, Harper Collins Publishing, Alabaster Co., and All Saints.